Auxdron is the drone designed and manufactured by General Drones, whose qualities makes it to be fully operational in harsh environments

The drone with artificial intelligence which controls the capacity of the coastline, guarantees the safety of the beaches, executes rescue tasks and allows the exponential recovery of the tourism sector

Our team has spent years gathering massively data on 6 municipalities in Spain and our engineers have computationally analyzed all this set of patterns and behavioral trends to provide the Auxdron LFG model with these features:

  • Capacity control.
  • Distance among people.
  • Group detection.
  • Access control.
  • Warning for maximum capacity.
  • Coordination and standardization of images to the monitoring center.
  • Rescue in case of potential drowning.





Features and technical advantages

Best of breed tech INNOVATION

Our goal is not technology, it’s the prevention of incidents on the beach and to reduce the rescue time.

A great team and aligned partners grant safety, flexibility and scalability of our solutions with increased functionalities based on AI.

Flotation Delivery

Auxdron LFG uses a double rescue pod lifejacket delivery system with mechanical fuse for controlled release making an effective delivery to the victim. There's no room for dropping the lifejacket.

CTR flights

We take care to ensure a safety operation among other airspace users.

Custom HW&SW

Custom developed On Board Computer and API SDK for easy/fast enhancements based on customers requirements.

Technical advantages

Takeoff time Rescue elements Field of vision Wind resistance Flight range with/without payload Protection against sand and rain MTOW
6 sec 2 units 135º 6 Level (22-27 kt) 25/30 min IP66 waterproof level < 10 kg

Competitive advantages

1. Tightness in all the accesses

2. Tropicalized treatment resistant to salinity and moisture

3. Sizing the system for buoyancy and recovery from landing or failure on aquatic environments

Gimbal tri-axial stabilization for maximum image stability during operation. 135º vertical movement angle, allows a perfect zenithal vision with an accuracy of +-0.3º at a control speed of 120º / sec. 4K 4096×2160 @30fps. 12-layer lens that eliminates distortion and 20mm focal length, opens shots at a wide angle without fisheye effect.

Easy integration

  • Quick Release. Easy battery substitution, fast assembly and disassembly, easy change of Smart Payload.
  • Ease of implementation. Safe protocols and guides for implementation to operate safely.
  • Ease of use. Interface easy and intuitive.

Stability, accuracy and security

AUXDRON, the only drone that meets the security requirements

Security against mistakes and abnormal situations

  • Dual IMU
  • Oversized propulsion system
  • Feeding systems


X8 Coaxial Propulsion System with 3 redundant motors and oversized push. Nose Up effect minimization during accelerations against wind and Yaw during braking operations.


Max acceleration is from 0 to 60 km/h in 6 secs, full load, and maximum braking stability.


Redundant systems, self-diagnosis protocols and preventive maintenance.

Security system minimization of damage team and third parties

Automatic engine shutdown against failure

Secure landing less than 80J

A report is created to obtain details about the failure in the black box

Platform suited to your needs

On-Demand Customization, ask for extended functionalities and accessories according to your needs.

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