“In 10 years saving lives, I never lived such a day ”

Our story actually begins an August Sunday morning of 2015. My partner Kike and I were about to start our working day as lifeguards at Sagunto’s Port beach and waters were treacherous.

We ran into an old sailor coming back from his fishing day and I can vividly recall his words: “Oh, boys! You’re going to have a hell of work today.”

And indeed we did.

We started a quick patrol along the beach and there she was. About three hundred meters away, a seventy year old lady was in trouble in the sea.

We went quickly to get her out but as we were coming closer, we realized she started to stop moving. She just couldn’t fight any longer.

When we finally reached her a few seconds later, she was still, floating in the water. She had just drowned right in front of us.

Seeing someone die like that is really painful for people who strive everyday to save lives.

And from that day on we kept on asking ourselves: “What can we do to prevent this from happening?”

At that time, Kike was working for a drone manufacturing company and one day he saw it crystal clear.

Speed was what we needed and the answer was in the air.

If we had a drone, we could fly through the sky, carry a lifejacket and deliver it to somebody in danger. Just straight, no more waves. No more fighting against the sea.

It seemed like the perfect solution.

So, everyday, after work, we tried to figure it all out in our minds. How that drone should be.

A few months later, we got to borrow a friend’s garage and started to work on our designs. Soon after that, we miraculously took out a 10,000 euro loan from a bank.

And… a year later, after tones of work and dedication, our first prototype was born, and it kept evolving fast.

And d’you know what?

An August morning, just three years later, and on the same beach where we saw that old woman die, a miracle happened.

We seemed to be living the exact same conditions as that fateful day. The sea was furious, and it threatened with swallowing up a girl.

But this time, we weren’t caught unaware.

Our drone arrived one minute and thirty-three seconds before the jet ski, and we saved her life.

We were about to burst into tears because our dream had come true. Every working hour had been worth it.

We changed the fate of that young woman.

And we knew it was just the beginning.

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