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At General Drones we are fond of giving the best solutions. For that reason, we use our knowledge on Rescue, Industrial Engineering and drone Technology. This allow us to save lives, increasing the effectiveness and professionals security.

Our project started in 2015, since then we have enhanced in the management of rescue and emergencies, always bearing in mind our main objective: to drastically reduce the number of drowned people on beaches, and monitor the most hostile weather conditions with the use of Auxdron.

General Drones is deeply embedded in rescue. Behind this great team, there are many experiences at sea, where unfortunately drowning deaths have taken place. So that is all the more reason to tackle the problem. Such was born Auxdron, the only drone able to protect and save lives in harsh conditions. 

We have grown and diversified our line-up, since we are working by and for who need us, either for rescue, surveillance or security teams.


General Drones is made up of professionals and it offers a whole multidisciplinary team at your service.
Adrián Plazas Agudo
CEO and Co-Founder
What we try is to help save lives by offering more effectively solutions.
Enrique Fernández Campos
Auxdron Technician and Co-Founder
We attempt to increase safety and provide support to all the people who are in trouble in the aquatic environment.
Pau Sastre Miñana
When we talk about saving lives at sea every second counts.
Marta Pecero Morales
CMO and International Events
The huge advantages of our goods must be spread out to reduce the number of drowning.
Cristina Navarro Coronado
Accounting and Management
It’s quite reassuring to ensure the security of others.
Jose Luís Ortíz Abaunza
Auxdron Technician and RPAS Pilot
When it comes to provide rescue service on beaches, I feel we can save many lives.
Andreea Elena Viscreanu
Technician in Industrial Design
Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear propellers.
David Cava Ortiz
Engineering and Design Manager
Cutting-edge drone technology to assist search and rescue operations.
Richard Alan Moors
Aeronautical Engineering
When life give you a drone, use it to save a life.
Pedro Sancho Carrera
Geomatics Manager
Auxdron is more than just a tool, is a need.
Ignacio Otero Sancho
Got a drone? Save a life!
Rafael Llorca Gozálvez