As a company specialized in the application of services in the civil engineering field, we have the appropriate personnel and instruments for any project. We develop a complete solution in which the Acquisition, Management and Delivery of the geospatial product to the client is the most accurate and efficient in the market.


We make Georeferencing reports and all the necessary procedures to coordinate Registration and Cadastre according to modification of the Mortgage Law 13/2015. Rely on our experience to process any piece of land with the approval of the College of Technical Engineers in Topography.


Adjacent geographical boundaries between plots, areas of forced expropriation or geometric differences between property deeds and cadastre are still very common today.


Adapted to the current regulations, we carry out and issue the energy certificate of any property with a high degree of precision and professionalism.


Thanks to the stability of our inspection RPA given its semi-autonomous piloting by GPS and its 3-axis mount, we can provide an optimal flight to monitor certain areas and infrastructure details in order to supervise and inspect for possible anomalies.


It is very useful to inspect facades and covers that are difficult to access. The taking of images or visual inspection in real time is very useful for inventory functions or evaluation of the state of the stock, thus preventing the risk and cost involved in the performance of personnel to perform the same function.


Inspection of all types of civil works and above all those of the most dangerous because of their difficult access, which can be all types of infrastructures in railway and road works, dams, silos, ports. For work progress controls, thus checking their execution and safety deadlines. It can also be very useful to obtain photographs from any angle.


UAVs ensure a perfect inspection, especially of those areas that are difficult to access, such as chimneys in all types of industries, thus avoiding costly technical stops for production. As well as taking images and videos of towers and wiring for power supply or wind generators, instantly checking the status and its possible maintenance.


We are specialists in the capture, management and monitoring of data obtained from photogrammetry with UAVs.

We are an operator enabled by AESA. We have Engineers in Geomatics and Pilots of UAVs experienced in the art of planning, georeferencing, flight, processing, management and monitoring of information obtained from photographs.

We also have aircraft equipment, sensors and software recognized in the market with which we support our differential service and high added value applied to the final product.

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