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You may enter the fastest growing industry in Spain with the leaders of the sector


General Drones gives you the opportunity to be its Partner and participate in its benefits by distributing and deploying a comprehensive service of drones designed for maritime rescue on beaches and the health safety of bathers.

Carta personal de Adrián Plazas

CEO y Co-fundador de General Drones


I know the world is in a deep crisis and we are facing one of the greatest challenges in our history as human beings.

Surely you are asking yourself many questions, like me.

People do not know if they will get sick, if they will have enough income, what plans the governments will draw up… and, of course, many people feel paralyzed by fear. It is understandable.
But what needs to be done now is very clear to me. Falling back and not taking any steps is not a good strategy in the medium or long term.

Find out why this component of the tourism industry is growing massively

Tourism is the most powerful industry in Spain. However, the current global health situation has plunged most of the businesses in this sector into a deep crisis.

Despite this, our Auxdron LFG drone has opened a market which is spreading indeed like wildfire thanks to the crisis.

The reason why is in its Artificial Intelligence.

Not only does it patrolls the beaches, detecting emergency situations and being the best support for rescue teams, but Artificial Intelligence also detects parameters as important as the safety distance between bathers and the capacity of the beaches in just a few moments.

This has led to more and more governments of coastal municipalities betting strongly on a drone that guarantees health security and safe leisure, key factors to attract tourism again and favor the economic recovery of the sector.

  • ‘’Yo creo que las mejores playas del mundo se consiguen con los mejores servicios en esas playas. Ha demostrado que funciona. Ha demostrado que es efectivo. La sensación y la tranquilidad que nos transmite a todos los usuarios de la playa es la parte más importante’’.

    Ana María Mula
    Alcaldesa de Fuengirola y concejala de Seguridad y Tráfico Mayor.
  • ‘’He estado buscando drones durante 2 o 3 años hasta ahora y debo decir que éste es el mejor que he visto’’.

    Arie Tourgeman
    Director de Costa de Asdod, Israel.
  • ‘’Desde Bandera Azul no tenemos otra opción que apoyar un proyecto como este porque está claro que es una herramienta tan positiva para un trabajo profesional como este que va a tener mucho éxito’’.

    Pepe Palacios.
    Vicepresidente de Bandera Azul.

Whether your drone operator becomes a GD Partner, you will be in a unique position to offer them an added guarantee of leisure. That is what they are asking for, they need to entice again millions of bathers.

Listen to Roberto Rovira, the councilman of Sagunto’s beach.

Partnership Program

GD Partner is a drone operator or a company which belongs to the emergency sector that signs an agreement with General Drones to distribute and deploy, within its own territory, the use of the Auxdron LFG rescue drone, always accompanied by a pilot from its staff trained for this purpose.

How do you distribute this service?

Selling, of course.

After signing the agreement with General Drones, our Partner exercises its commercial strength in its area of ​​influence, that is in order to make the Auxdron LFG localities known and all the upsides it can offer.

When our partner closes a deal with a city council, it starts the acquisition of the aircraft and deploys the service on the beaches.

Remember that, by providing a service of the highest quality, the natural consequence is that the Administrations will be willing to hire you again in successive Summer campaigns, thus ensuring the financial peace of mind of obtaining recurring revenues.

At each step of this process you will have the support and experience of General Drones.

How do you deploy this service?

In practice, means that your pilot will fly the Auxdron LFG drone under the orders of the rescue services coordinator that already operates on the beaches of the coastal towns.

Following an established action protocol, Auxdron LFG operates mainly with two goals:

At pre-established times, Auxdron LFG makes regular flights for prevention, surveillance and seating capacity of the beach. In this way, you provide much-needed information so the municipal security services can act.

In case of emergency, it intervenes to help people in hazard.
In the latter case, you can rescue a person who is suffering from risk by handing him a life jacket. When you are doing this manoeuvre, the lifeguards have a point of reference to go there, and it provides a flawless view of the rescue on-site to back up the decision making.

As you can see, your help as GD Partner is invaluable, and the town councils of the municipalities know it.

Our partners are already making profits

Partnership Program benefits

1. When you are a GD Partner, you generate high income because you close stable agreements with the administrations by providing them a professional rescue service on their beaches.

2. The agreement signed with General Drones includes a discount, which is only available to the GD Partner.

3. You will be able to train your own fleet of pilots for Auxdron LFG because General Drones transfers to you all the knowledge of flight and maintenance.

4. A specialized consulting service is at your disposal with a team of professionals who answer all your technical and computer engineering questions, trading, marketing, etc.

5. Our technical assistance service guarantees you spare parts, repairs and, in the event of an accident, a replacement ship. You can put your trust in the manufacturer.

6. To guarantee a safe flight of your new drone and the viability of the service, you will receive operational technical support and we will facilitate the necessary steps from flight ratings to safety studies and operational plan.

Is your company the following GD Partner?

What capacity does your company have?

Can your drone operator or your company which belongs to the emergency sector make an appropriate sales force?
You will make known the service you offer to close the agreements with the administrations in the place you are going to be.
Do you have personnel with the advanced RPAS pilot title?
They may be specifically trained in the use of Auxdron LFG.
Can you carry out the operational management of the rescue service with the drone?
General Drones supports you to implement the service on beaches with total safety.
Does your drone operator have technical training for regular repairs?
General Drones instructs your staff that they must have enough general technical background to answer back to basic level flaws and suitable maintenance of the aircraft.

If you can answer affirmatively to these requirements, you are in the right place:

****You may not yet meet all the requirements to be a GD Partner. Do not be discouraged, contact us and we will guide you in your evolution to change.

Join our mission: offer an effective tool to save human lives.

Behind great projects there is usually a great story.

Ours was born with the pain of a loss experienced by Adrián Plazas and Enrique Fernández, founders of General Drones.

We like to think that we have contributed to many people returning safely to their families. Now they have a second chance.

At General Drones we dream of helping rescue teams and bathers from all over the world.

Will we see our dream come true? Hard to say, but we’re not going to stop until we get there. And that, in a way, is already a victory.

Why do beach rescue professionals choose us?

People who work in rescue and rescue teams, medical aid and security bodies know that they only have one chance to rescue a person.

And the consequences of a failure can be lethal.

Therefore, the coordination must be impeccable and the action precise and fast.

The only reason is that it is a tool that gives them the result they need.

There have already been 11 beaches and a score of rescues every year since the first time.

Here's what rescue experts have to say about Auxdron LFG.

  • ‘’Por primera vez tenemos […] a disposición de los […] servicios de salvamento en playas, una herramienta que cumple con todos los requisitos que necesitábamos para complementar la labor de los rescatadores. Es el primer elemento reactivo. Es un complemento perfecto […]’’.

    Joan Pol Pujol.
    Responsable de Emergencias Illes Balears, jefe de equipo del mecanismo de prevención civil y ayuda humanitaria de la UE.
  • ‘’Optimiza el rescate. Todo lo que veo son ventajas. Y yo creo que si se va implantando en más playas, se reducirán muchísimo las víctimas’’.

    Cristina Medina.
    Socorrista de Cruz Roja.
  • ‘’Es muy rápido y por suerte podemos tenerlo aquí en nuestras playas de Fuengirola. Da mucha seguridad a nosotros, como a los mismos bañistas’’.

    Matías Alberto Francica
    Responsable de Salvamento y Socorrismo de Fuengirola.
  • ‘’No vamos a estar nunca a la altura de una máquina electrónica como en este caso. Al final es salvar vidas a la persona y esta persona está más segura antes de que tú llegues’’.

    Guillermo Pinilla.
    Socorrista de Cruz Roja.

What steps should I take to become a General Drones Partner?

The procedure is given in the following steps:

You schedule a call. We want to speak with you personally and to ensure clear, direct and fluid communication.

Tell us about yourself. A person from General Drones will contact you to listen carefully to everything about your drone operator, your current main entrepreneurial activity and other relevant aspects of becoming a GD Partner.

We design a specific solution. In further video calls, we will study your situation and find the best way to satisfy the needs of both parts, so that our win-win relationship will bear the best fruit.

We carefully study the Partnership Program and all its economic benefits and services.

We sign a document where we collect the bases of a distribution agreement. Our philosophy is zero surprises so we review:

  • Discounts
  • Financing
  • Sale objectives
  • Product guarantee
  • Order procedure
  • Technical service
  • Auxdron LFG adaptations
  • Specialized consulting
  • and more…

Ask us for a demo

We make an appointment for you to see our facilities and the beach of Puerto de Sagunto, where Auxdron LFG has been integrated into the rescue service since 2018. We do not leave any questions to answer.

Are you ready for the 2021 beach campaign?

A year flies by, right?

As soon as the Summer holidays are over, Administrations think again about their campaign for the following year. And if you want to get the next agreement you must prepare ASAP.

With a specific service for the rescue of people, beach surveillance and monitoring, you will be able to answer back to what municipalities are so urgently needing: to be the supporter of safe leisure in times of uncertainty.

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