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The General Drones rescue drone line-up

Auxdron LFG

The initiative rises from years of researching and development. Auxdron is an element specifically designed for lifeguard and rescue equipment at the beach, with the aim of not only improving efficiency and effectiveness in their daily tasks but also shortening the response times in the first intervention.

General Drones was looking for manufacturing a drone which was capable of withstanding the toughest conditions, since the sea is the most corrosive environment. The main goal was to build a drone able to endure humidity, salinity, high temperatures, rain, strong winds and be also able to sand exposure. Moreover it needed to meet the requirements for quality and security controls, which are characterised by international standards and legislative criteria.

Once Auxdron LFG was developed, our R&D&I proved that Auxdron LFG was capable enough to resist at sea. Therefore, it could also stand to be suitable in other emergency and security areas, that is the way how Auxdron SRV emerged.

Auxdron LFG

Auxdron LFG is the search and rescue drone for harsh requirements (Level 6 heavy winds, rain, sand and salt), designed for the worst conditions at the beach. Auxdron LFG is highly qualified and noted for the surveillance, rescue and search tasks.

High quality bird's eye view for surveillance

People counting through artificial intelligence

Detection of hazards to swimmers

Shortens current response times

Search of potential victims

Flotation aid delivery

Aditional security for the lifeguards

Search of missing individuals

Reduced operational costs

Benefits summary

  • Fly in harsh weather conditions.
  • Quick rescue interventions by first aid lifejacket delivery and positioning of victims.
  • Cenital high quality view for surveillance, risk detection and search of potential victims.
  • SAR operations become safer for Lifeguards.
  • Reduction of operational expenses.


Because time is key when one life is in risk, Auxdron LFG is always ready for rescue.


Designed for Level 6 heavy Winds, Rain, and Waterproof, it has been conceived for the beach.


Redundancy of sensors & communications are some of the characteristics for a safe flight.


Online documentation, Integrated protocols and workflows with the best experiences.


Quick, Multichannel & Accurate answers for achieving the best operational outcomes.


Cutting edge Technology & multidisciplinary team, never losing the focus on our mission: saving lives.

Control of capacities

Over 90% of drowning deaths happen when there is lack of surveillance.

Our goal is to protect bathers:

  • Providing intelligence data enhancing situational awareness and facilitating coordination.
  • Capacity control through artificial intelligence
  • Cost-effective information-gathering tool.
  • High quality & amplitude of vision for a rapid first response, risk detection and operational savings.


A person drowning fights for its life within 20 and 60 seconds before submersion. Time is key.

Quick evaluation, positioning of victim and intervention.

Auxdron LFG delivers buoyancy to the victim.

Lifejackets are triggered automatically when falling into the water. They inflate and then flips the person -even if he/she is unconscious- into the upright position in seconds, keeping the breathing passages above water. The lifejacket also has a manual triggering system for added safety and can be used as support for 3-4 person (150N).


Lifeguards saved more than 3.000 swimmers from drowning between 2016 and 2017 only in Spain.

Enhanced High Quality and 3 axial stabilized Cenital View for easier operations, thanks to Full HD camera,  3 axial gimbal with 135º  move across the vertical axis.

Create aerial surveying data in particular dangerous locations to guarantee lifeguard safety.

Automated Search and Rescue Patterns (Expanding Square, Sector Search, Parallel Search, Creeping Line) to meet uniform coverage defining track spacing.

Auxdron SRV

Auxdron SRV has as a main objective to create the best drone able to enhance the response of different operational groups, increasing the angle of aerial surveillance. It is complemented with a UPS System (Uninterruptible Power Supply) which offers a plus in the mitigation of safety risks and shields us from the operation of possible threats or communications interferences, since we carry them out through the same wiring that powers the drone.

Auxdron SRV is the best drone able to enhance the answer to different operational groups. Therefore it increases the wide angle of monitoring, the operational time and the option of loading other modules.

Solutions for preventive safety through captive / Tethered systems are made by our Auxdron Surveillance.


It improves the productivity and security of the agents, both for the operations in citizen security and the response to incidents.


The option of being able to transmit the images that drones offer us from a privileged angle to the command centres, and it eases efficiently the decision-making.


Real-time response solutions that offer a fast, accurate, and reliable reaction in the different operations, increasing the angle of aerial surveillance.


General Drones, which is specialist in emergency drones, provides extensive experience and training assistance for pilots and instructors as well as a complete service of solutions for implementation, operation and technical support.


Operational consultation

Warranty and maintenance

Technical support

Deployment assistance

Value added services

  • Multi-language Hotline (Monday-Friday from 8am till 6pm CET).
  • Email and Phone.
  • Preparation for long term storage.
  • Maintenance after accident/incident.
  • Flight Logs Analysis.
  • Auxdron Pilot Instructor or Professional Pilot Training Program.
  • Assistance for the Integration in the rescue protocols.
  • Development of custom solutions based on Hardware or Software changes.
  • Integration with different platforms through API development.