The Team

General Drones is made up of a large number of professionals,
and makes available a multidisciplinary team.
Virginia Sánchez Garrica
Process engineer
Auxdron allows us to continue focusing on what is most important as society, the life and well-being of people.
Miquel Romero Huedo
Quality Engineer
Saving any obstacle to save lives.
Alejandro García García
Operations Support
Ensuring efficiency with Auxdron allows us to be quick and save lives.
Kiko Castelló García
Technical procedures Manager
Security is the main part of this aircraft.
Mikel Hernández Martín
Auxdron technician
Assemble and save.
Rafa Llorca Gozálvez
There are many ways to save lives, a drone goes straight.
Ignacio Otero Sancho
Do you have a drone? Save a live!
Pedro Sancho Carrera
Geomatics Director
Auxdron is more than a tool, is a need.
Ximo Catalán Núñez
Manager Strategic Partnerships
We work to be at the key moment and at the precise moment with the aim of saving lives.
Jose Luís Ortiz Abaunza
Auxdron Technician and RPAS Pilot
When it comes to provide rescue service on beaches, I feel we can save many lives.
Cristina Navarro Coronado
Accounting and Management
It’s quite reassuring to ensure the security of others.
Marta Pecero Morales
CMO and International Events
Auxdron LFG is an innovative tool that provides differential value.
Pau Sastre Miñana
When we talk about saving lives at sea every second counts.
Enrique Fernández Campos
Product Support and Co-Founder
We attempt to increase safety and provide support to all the people who are in trouble in the aquatic environment.
Adrián Plazas Agudo
CEO and Co-Founder
What we try is to help save lives by offering more effectively solutions.

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