Welcome to General Drones


I know the world is in a deep crisis and we are facing one of the greatest challenges in our history as a species.

Like me, surely you are asking yourself many questions.

People don’t know if they will get sick, either if they will have enough income, or what plans the governments will draw up… and many people feel paralyzed by fear. It is understandable.

But, I have it clear. Falling back and not taking any further steps isn’t a good strategy in the medium or long term.

That is why General Drones, the company that I lead, is launching into an expansive wave and we are offering administrations what they need the most: a guarantee of citizen security.

How do we make it?

With our drone which rescue people and has capacity control: Auxdron LFG.

It is the only drone that withdraw everything: sun, sand, rain, wind, the salt of the sea…

This exceptional aircraft works in coordination with the beach lifeguard team to optimize assistance times, prevention operations and now, with Artificial Intelligence, it counts bathers and controls capacity.

Such a drone, in a country that earn a living mainly off beach tourism, is a winning equation. The administration in times of scarcity invests only in projects like this, solvent and those which solves their problems.

That is why in incredible beaches such as Benicàssim, Fuengirola, Peñíscola, Sagunto… it’s already working. Moreover, the rest will not want to be left behind.

Now we are looking for professionals in our sector, firms like yours: steady, reinforced, with a good structure, capable of distributing Auxdron LFG among the more than 400 coastal municipalities that our country has.

We have designed a participation program where we explain point by point what this collaboration consists of, what steps you will take to close deals with the administrations and how to provide them with that service that they are so desperate to acquire.

We are looking forward to meeting you, knowing more about your company, and perhaps you will be a future GD Partner.

I encourage you to contact us so that you review the conditions carefully, and know if this opportunity is for you, because it’s very good.

You earn money and save lives.



Adrián Plazas – CEO y co-founder of General Drones